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BelkaCar Launches in Moscow

Since no one in Russia karsheringe did not understand, but by stuffing lumps did not want a girlfriend invited as a mentor of the founder of the American karsheringa ZipCar Julian Espiritu, which learned by viewing the next webinar in May, 2014. "First, it huge knowledge about karsheringe, secondly, he was just very open ..." - said Muradova. "Flax, so we were afraid, - interrupts Makarova. - We needed a psychologist, who said that everything will be fine. "

Espiritu proved easy on the rise (albeit a little afraid at first to go to Russia), but an expensive expert. Consultations cost in the amount of $ 60 000. Businesswoman spent not only his own money, but also borrowed from relatives and borrowed.

At low start

"Kar ... what?" - This question met friends at the Department of Transport of the Moscow government. At all the meetings, they then went to the four of us - took with them Espiritu. Startups persuaded officials to allow them to avoid paying for parking karsheringovyh cars, and in the end they did it.

For 11 months the department has developed legislation and was required for its implementation the government decree. Dedicated lanes for karsheringa, however, failed to lobby, but friends do not lose hope.

Platform for Service decided not to give up on outsourcing and to develop their own - do not want to depend on anyone. So there was the technical director of the company, which at that time was only 20 years old. By December 2015 it had grown from a team of six people.

Specialists had to be transported from other cities, because the Muscovites, as explained by Makarov, "overfed" - asking for huge salaries, even if really can not do anything.

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