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Book by Cadillac is like a streaming service for cars

As OEMs enter the auto rental market space and takes advantage of the advancements in technology, how does this effect traditional industries? - Auto Rental, CarSharing, Taxi/Livery Services, and Car Ownership. A day will come when you can summon a car when you need it. That day is coming soon!

Cadillac is launching a subscription-based service that gives users access to most of its models for a flat fee of $1,500 a month. Called Book by Cadillac, the program starts in February in New York City and its surrounding areas. Cadillac's goal: attract users who want flexibility without the costs and commitment of ownership. The monthly fee is steep, but Cadillac argues it's competitive with the cost of leasing a well-equipped luxury car. It also includes maintenance, taxes, and insurance fees. The Book service can also be stopped at any time, which frees users from any payments. There's no restrictions on mileage, though users pay for gas either by filling up the car when they're done with it or through a Caddy concierge who bills their account. Cadillac will deliver and pick up the vehicles from the user's choice of location via a white-gloved driver. Users can change vehicles up to 18 times per year, and they can be reserved with a mobile app. The theoretical goal is a Book user could head to the airport in New York in a Cadillac and reserve another one for their use in Los Angeles. Cadillac ran a test program last year and decided to move forward with Book after receiving a positive response on the price and features. "The overwhelming result is this is something competitive," spokesman Eneuri Acosta said. The program features the Escalade, Escalade ESV, CT6, CTS-V, ATS-V, and XT5 decked-out in Platinum trim. Other vehicles, like the non-V-series ATS or CTS could be added if there's demand. Book by Cadillac starts in New York, but will expand to other unspecified markets.

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