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Maven expands New York City operations

A year and a half after launching as a curated residential service in New York City, Maven has evolved into one of the fastest-growing mobility brands in North America. Leveraging its seamless and dynamic mobility platform, Maven offers unique car-sharing services geared toward both consumers and businesses. Maven has rolled out in 17 cities across North America and its members have covered more than 125 million miles.

Maven offers three products to address urban growth trends and the need for mobility as a service:

  • Maven City is a fully connected, seamless car-sharing experience featuring cars loaded with technology and available for on-demand rental.

  • Maven Home provides the ultimate amenity — transportation as a service — for residential communities and commercial entities.

  • Maven Gig is an on-demand vehicle rental service that allows drivers in the sharing economy the freedom to switch between several brands, services and gigs.


Maven is returning to its roots to offer an elevated car-sharing experience in New York City.

More than 80 vehicles are available in Manhattan, from Columbia University to Battery Park, for hourly or daily reservations. Maven will continue to expand into the boroughs and throughout the city to provide cars around the corner from where New Yorkers live, work and play, all without a membership fee.

Sometimes a favorite museum or nature trail is located just outside the city center. New Yorkers now have available cars to fit every need when public transportation does not. Members will be there for the moments that matter most, like weekend trips to the Hamptons or to see family in New Jersey.

Maven carefully selected lifestyle-oriented cars with all the amenities needed for travel in and outside of New York. Residents who feel trapped in the densely populated urban environment can escape for short trips in a sporty sedan or a luxury SUV.

All Maven vehicles are loaded with technology, including 4G LTE Wi-Fi™, Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™. Maven 24/7 advisor support is available through OnStar® for questions, roadside assistance and emergency response, providing peace of mind for the journey.

Maven eliminates the need to own a car in New York City. Residents no longer have to pay high insurance premiums and costly rates to park in garages when the street is not an option. Personally owned vehicles sit idle 95 percent of the time, and each shared car takes about 15 private cars off the road, helping to alleviate congestion.


Maven’s established mobility platform is allowing for more rapid innovation at General Motors. A hundred-year-old company is disrupting itself with the intention of leading in the share of miles driven, whether through traditional vehicle ownership, car sharing or ridesharing. Maven is creating new business opportunities and helping to make crucial strides toward autonomous vehicle deployment:

  • Maven recently placed more than 100 Chevrolet Bolt EVs with an EPA-estimated range of 238 miles1 into car-sharing and ridesharing services in California.

  • Maven is actively working with EV infrastructure providers, including service providers and electric utilities, to leverage these high-demand scenarios and deploy EVs into the car- and ridesharing fleets.

  • Maven is partnering with cities to evolve transportation and provide real-world mobility solutions. Maven is developing opportunities to test and learn how the smart city concepts can be put into action today in places like Los Angeles.


“Maven is a dynamic mobility platform offering solutions for the future of transportation,” said Julia Steyn, vice president, General Motors Urban Mobility and Maven. “Maven’s growth has been remarkable during the past year and a half and I am excited about our continuing innovation and new products we will bring to market.”

“New York City has been part of the fabric of Maven since we launched the brand here in 2015,” said Julia Steyn, vice president, General Motors Urban Mobility and Maven. “The addition of Maven City car sharing is an opportunity to showcase what we have learned. We crafted this experience with residents of the city in mind and see this as becoming part of the lifestyle of New Yorkers.”

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