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DriveNow reaches one million customers milestone

DriveNow, the joint venture of the BMW Group and Sixt SE, has exceeded the one million customers mark.

To celebrate, DriveNow is giving away 10 million free minutes to its customers in all markets including London. Each member will receive 10 minutes of driving-time to use from October 10-17, 2017.

DriveNow UK managing director James Taylor said: "One million customers is a great milestone for us and we’d like to celebrate it together with our users.

“Since DriveNow’s launch in 2011, car sharing has grown massively in importance and has become a common mobility option in many large cities.”

DriveNow’s BMW and MINI models are used up to 23 times per day by customers across all DriveNow cities. The BMW 1 series has been driven more than six million times. The entire business area of all 13 DriveNow cities now covers 1,095 square kilometers, or roughly an area the size of Hong Kong.

Some 330,000 of the company’s one million customers have experienced electric mobility with DriveNow by taking advantage of the BMW i3s, which are available in all DriveNow cities. With almost two million electric trips to date, DriveNow has saved more than 2,500 tonnes of CO2.

Looking at customer preferences, DriveNow’s male users favour the BMW i3, with almost 83% of bookings of the vehicle done by men. The MINI convertible is the most popular car among female drivers, with a 24% rate.

DriveNow CEO Nico Gabriel said: "Our customers are one in a million and we’re really pleased with how the customer base has developed since launch.

“At the beginning DriveNow was predominantly used by young, trend-conscious and tech-savvy people, but we now see people of all ages behind the wheel of our cars. Car sharing has been well and truly adopted as a smart solution for getting round our cities."

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