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BCR launches car-sharing service in Bucharest

BCR, the largest lender in Romania, together with its leasing division, a BMW dealer and a software developer who designed the dedicated app, will launch the first car sharing service with a significant number of cars in Bucharest, reports local

The service will use electric BMW cars. The project will start with only 10 cars, but aims to reach a few dozen soon.

The car sharing system is not well known in Bucharest, but is popular in Cluj-Napoca. Cluj-based firm Get Pony is the only company providing this service in Bucharest. It charges a rent of RON 35 (EUR 7.5) per hour and BCR will likely charge a similar fee.

The car sharing system addresses those who rarely use the car, which is why they don’t have the incentive to buy one. The customers will pick up the cars from a default location and will leave them in the same place to be used by the next customers.

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