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Ryde Inc. Announces Launch of Its Cutting-Edge Online and Mobile Luxury Car-Sharing Rental Service

Ryde Your Way Into the Future-Luxury Car Sharing Service

Ryde Inc. a cutting-edge online and mobile luxury car-sharing rental service, announced the official launch of its service on Jan. 1, 2018. With a simple click of the Ryde app available both on Apple and Android devices, users can rent a luxury vehicle by the day or night with a wide range of make and model selections. This unique concept in trip customization eliminates the exhaustive waits and unreliability of airport shuttles, taxis and for-hire drivers. The service also includes auto insurance at no additional cost for both car driver and renter.

"We are excited to announce the launch of the Ryde App which will be available on all Apple and Android devices as of January 1st, 2018," said Thanura Yapa, Founder and CEO of Ryde, Inc. This streamlined experience of total trip customization with a wide range of luxury vehicles at the customer's disposal is "set to revolutionize the transportation industry," said Mr. Yapa. "We believe that our new App will allow our customers to enhance their trip experience and to navigate the vehicle selection process." Yapa adds that"unlike any existing carshare experience, Ryde offers an auto insurance package for no additional charge to its customers and renters to give them the peace of mind they want and ensure customer loyalty from the time of drive-off to the return of the keys to the vehicle owner."

Ryde, Inc. will launch initially in Los Angeles, California with a selection of premium luxury vehicles in their database and continue to amplify their robust selection daily. Plans to expand to additional major metropolitan areas in 2018 are currently in development. Incentives for return customers include a $20 referral credit and premier renter status. Incentives for owners to list their vehicles include income potential combined with company-offered prize packages. Visitors are encouraged to explore the Ryde website at and to contact customer support for any questions or clarification that may enhance their user experience.

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