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Celebrating Its 10th Anniversary, Abrams Carsharing Advisors Rebranded as Abrams Mobility Advisors

PURCHASE, NY--(Marketwired - January 17, 2018) - Abrams Consulting Group, Inc. ("ACG") (, the leading specialized consulting and research firm serving the global ground transportation industry since 1982, has announced that on the 10th anniversary of the launching of its ABRAMS CARSHARING ADVISORS ("ACA") business unit, which specializes in the development of alternative personal mobility models, ACA will now be re-branded as ABRAMS MOBILITY ADVISORS ( The decision to change the name of this ABRAMS subsidiary reflects the rapid evolution of the nexus of automotive and ground transportation in the past 5 years, while anticipating the next 5 years, and the role that ACA has played for a decade as a thought-leader and prime mover to existing and start-up service providers seeking to capture the enormous business opportunity brought about by a seismic shift in the cultural, environmental, and economic dynamics sweeping most societies through-out the world. The ABRAMS brands have been on the forefront of this global movement and the decision to rebrand is reflective of the scale and scope of the work ABRAMS is performing for clients throughout the world.

As stated by Neil Abrams, President and Founder of ACG, "When Abrams Carsharing Advisors was launched in January 2008, carsharing was an innovative spin-off of daily car rental, and while fledgling and seeking direction, it was clear that this technology-based business model was moving ground transportation in a new direction. Abrams Carsharing immediately began to provide guidance to legacy rental systems seeking to take advantage of the carsharing trend, as well as entrepreneurs inspired by this shift in how the general public viewed automobile ownership. It became apparent within the past 3 years that carsharing represented only the tip of the iceberg of a transformative consumer movement to many more flexible, app-based alternatives to personal mobility, with significant implications for the global automotive industry. As a result, it was felt that the name ABRAMS MOBILITY ADVISORS is more representative of our firm's work."

Expanding on Abrams' statement, Julian Espiritu, Managing Director of ACA, now Abrams Mobility Advisors, explains, "As one of the founding operating executives of Zipcar, still the worldwide carshare leader almost 20 years after its formation, I recognized that the legacy daily car rental business no longer served the full ground transportation needs of both leisure and commercial travelers. There was a growing mandate to offer a more flexible and cost effective approach to personal mobility, utilizing advances in smart phone technology to serve diverse needs of a more demanding multi-faceted customer base. Upon joining ABRAMS, we embarked upon a mission to work with existing and prospective clients throughout the world to develop broad, innovative capabilities, beyond simple carsharing, to satisfy the mobility needs of a rapidly-changing society. Thus, the re-branding of ACA to ABRAMS MOBILITY ADVISORS was conceived, which includes our specialized expertise, not only in carsharing, but peer-to-peer, app-based on-demand models, ridesharing, van pooling, and a broad spectrum of hybrid models. Plus our advisory services extend to all forms of product and service suppliers which are tapping into this new massive market opportunity."

For further information on the advisory services of Abrams Mobility Advisors, please visit In the meantime, our former website,, is still operational and will point the visitor to our new site.


Neil Abrams, formerly of the Hertz Corporation, established ABRAMS CONSULTING GROUP, INC. ("ACG"), a car rental consulting and travel market research organization in 1982, in response to the changing landscape and competitive climate of the U.S. auto rental industry that was taking shape in the early '80's. Since that time, ACG, based in Purchase, New York, has become the leading specialized consultancy providing management services to auto rental operators and systems throughout the world, as well as to vendors and suppliers to the industry. Under the ACG umbrella, ABRAMS CONSULTING INTERNATIONAL, through its EMEA and A/P Region business units, advises and supports auto rental, travel service, and transportation-related companies worldwide; ABRAMS TRAVEL DATA SERVICES, formed in the late 90s, is a specialized travel market research company offering market intelligence reports, subscription services, and customized research. In 2008, Abrams Carsharing Advisors ( was formed as an ACG division, specialized in providing advisory services to the emerging global on-demand and carsharing industries, and becoming the leading advisory firm in the world in this space.



Julian Espiritu, Managing Director Abrams Mobility Advisors Direct Phone: 914 729-0058


Neil Abrams, President Abrams Consulting Group, Inc.

Phone: 914 696-5100


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