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MOL launches car sharing service in Budapest

Hungarian oil and gas company MOL yesterday launched its car sharing service MOL Limo in ten districts of Budapest within an area of 60 square kilometers with 200 petrol-driven and 100 electric cars. For registered clients, one hour of use costs about HUF 4,000.

Péter Ratatics, director of consumer services within MOL Group, said the service is available in the city center and more frequented outer districts, national news agency MTI reports. Fees cover parking costs, and electric vehicles can be charged at MOLʼs petrol stations, he said, adding that a car sharing vehicle can replace 5-10 private ones.

MOL plans to double the number of Limo cars by 2020 and extend the service to the entire area of Budapest. Liszt Ferenc International Airport could be added to the system as early as 2019. In a few years, petrol cars will be removed from the service.

MOL also helped launch Budapestʼs bike sharing system, dubbed "MOL BuBi," in the fall of 2014, and the company still continues to cover more than half of the running costs.

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