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Yandex rolls out Yandex.Drive car-sharing service in Moscow

Russian internet search engine Yandex has launched its car sharing service, Yandex.Drive, offering on-demand access to a fleet of 750 vehicles through a mobile application. Currently, users can drive a Kia Rio, a Kia Rio X-Line or a Renault Kaptur from the Yandex.Drive fleet in Moscow and the surrounding region for RUB 5 per minute.

Yandex.Drive users can access the application to locate and reserve a vehicle, follow directions to the car, and remotely start the reserved vehicle while walking to it. Every Yandex.Drive car comes fully loaded with a voice-activated in-car infotainment system, Yandex.Auto, which integrates Yandex’s mapping, navigation, and music streaming services for enhanced safety and functionality.

Yandex.Drive rides are billed on a per minute basis and Yandex integrates traffic conditions and customer demand to provide dynamic pricing at the time of reservation. The price includes fuel, parking, and liability and life insurance. In the near future, Yandex will begin piloting an upfront pricing feature where the price is fixed for the entire journey based on the distance to destination, traffic conditions and demand. Drivers over 21 years of age who have held a valid license for a period of two years or more can start using Yandex.Drive by downloading the app for iOS or Android.

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