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Moscow’s Car Sharing Market Becomes Biggest in Europe, Mayor Says . . .

Moscow now has the largest number of vehicles available for car sharing in Europe, the mayor’s office announced on Thursday.Car sharing was introduced in Moscow in 2015 as an effort to combat the city’s notorious traffic congestion. Last month, Moscow was named the second worst city in the world for traffic jams after Los Angeles.

Abrams Mobility Advisors was part of the team that developed and launch the largest CarShare Operator in Moscow, BelkaCar

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said in a tweet on Friday that Moscow now has the largest number of automobiles available for carsharing in Europe.

“The cars are used over 25,000 times per day,” he said in the tweet.

“We plan to have the total number of cars available reach 10-15 thousand by the end of the year,” he added.

Moscow has also expanded the area of paid parking spots significantly over the past years, making it increasingly difficult and expensive for Muscovites to drive their own cars in the center of the city.

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