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UDrive CarSharing Launches in Abu Dhabi

The first "Free-Floating" CarShare service similar to Car2Go launches in the UAE. This innovative car rental service allows you to rent a car by the minute and drop it off anywhere in the city.

"If you occasionally need to drive but don’t want the commitment of a car, then a new pay-per-minute rental service launching in Abu Dhabi could be for you."

Udrive is a car sharing service that allows users to pick up a vehicle anywhere in the city and only pay for the duration they use it.

Based on a pay-per-minute scheme, prices start from 50 fils per minute with a full-day rental option also available, and price packages include all fuel, parking and comprehensive insurance for members.

With a fleet including Toyota, Nissan and Chevrolet among other models, the service also includes electric cars and can be reserved through the service’s app.

To celebrate the launch, the company is offering free four-hour trials of its service between 24th and 26th April, subject to a valid driving licence and Emirates ID.

To find out more, visit:

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