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"CarShare Parking Only" spots take effect throughout New York City

It may soon take even longer to find a parking space in New York City. A new plan is taking effect that will take away hundreds of spaces for drivers.

City leaders have been talking about this for some time and now it's finally here; they've installed new street parking signs that say "Carshare Parking Only."

One sign was spotted on 115th Street in Morningside Heights, but the signage will be going up across the city. According to a new websitethe city just launched, they're designating roughly 300 parking spaces in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens for car sharing services, including Enterprise and Zipcar. The services let you rent a car by the minute or the hour. And some studies have shown, the programs do reduce the number of cars on the road. That means it could be easier to get around, find parking, and of course it creates less pollution. These new signs mean if you own your car there is less parking for you. We'll learn more when Mayor Bill de Blasio makes his announcement about this program later Thursday morning.

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