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Penske Launches CarShare Unit Dash

Penske Corporation announced that it is rolling out its new carsharing service in Washington, DC and Arlington, VA, this week.

Penske Dash provides members with on-demand access to Volkswagen Jetta SE vehicles that can be rented by the minute, hour or day through the Penske Dash app. Rental rates cover fuel, parking and insurance, and members having 24/7 access to a U.S.-based call center and a local fleet operations team. Penske has also secured reserved parking options at Colonial Parking garages in Washington, DC.

The rental rates, which are $0.45 a minute or $15 an hour, include fuel, parking and insurance. Members are also supported with 24/7 access to a call center and a local fleet operations team.

Penske Dash describes itself as “free-floating,” although within Washington, D.C. it’s a bit more constrained than some other services that allow customers to park anywhere within a geographic area. Customers can park their Penske Dash vehicle in a public, unrestricted, street parking space in Arlington identified by Penske Dash. In Washington, D.C., customers must park in a parking spot marked by a Penske Dash sign in approved garages or lots, according to rules stated on its website.

Technology capabilities will be provided by Ridecell, while Volkswagen will supply OEM capabilities.

“We are excited to bring a new mobility option to Washington, DC and Arlington, bolstered by Penske’s longstanding commitment to quality and customer service,” Michael Montri, chief operating officer of Penske Dash, said in a press release. “From the technology used, to the upkeep of our vehicles, to customer and roadside support, every facet of Penske Dash was designed to provide our members with the highest-quality and most consistent carsharing experience possible. From here, we plan to evolve with the needs of these communities, listening closely to their feedback, to not only create but maintain a best-in-class carsharing service.”

Paul DeLong, who previously served as President and CEO of Car2Go North America, will be in charge of local operations. “We believe Washington, DC and Arlington are ideal markets to launch Penske Dash due to the commitment of each municipality to provide flexible mobility choices, and the local residents’ familiarity with the benefits of carsharing,” he said.

Penske Corporation Chairman Roger Penske added, “Penske Dash furthers our commitment to embrace new technologies while addressing the mobility needs for our consumers. As Mobility as a Service and the sharing economy develop, we will continue to leverage the expertise of our strong partners and our expertise in transportation services to remain at the forefront of new leading transportation solutions.”

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