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Toyota expands car sharing scheme across Europe including a carpool app and a subscription-based lea

  • Toyota announces four programs for Europe to focus on usage over ownership

  • The company will expand its ride sharing program letting users reserve Toyota hybrids for hourly or daily rates

  • Kinto will also include two new leasing programs and a carpool app

Today, Toyota announced a wide-ranging new initiative called Kinto, which will see the company expand into ride sharing, carpooling, subscription-based leasing and more.

Kinto isn’t a single program, but a package of four separate programs meant to expand the company’s presence in the European market and find new ways to make car travel accessible to people who might not be able to afford the full cost of a new vehicle.

The new announcement is part of the company's adapt to a car industry that's shifting away from a model based on ownership and toward one focused on usage and accessibility.

The first major part of the program will be Kinto Share, a car-sharing service similar to Zipcar or Car2Go, which will let subscribers book cars by the hour or by the day using a smartphone app.

Through Yuko, customers were able to pick up cars from self-service locations for €8 per hour, or €55 per day with included perks like comprehensive insurance, 50km worth of free gasoline, and complimentary street parking passes.

Toyota hasn't detailed the pricing plans for Kinto Share, but it's likely to be in the same range.

Another part of the Kinto family of programs is Kinto Join, which will let users connect through a smartphone app to find potential carpool partners traveling to general areas or specific destinations.

Toyota says this feature will also support group programs for employees at large companies who might want to coordinate daily commutes.

The third part of the Kinto initiative is Kinto Flex, which will let customers lease cars through an ongoing subscription plan rather than signing a limited term agree for one specific car.

The last program is Kinto One, a comprehensive leasing program that will bundle full car payments, insurance, and maintenance costs into a single monthly payment to help streamline the leasing process.

‘Kinto is part of our strategy to grow our total European business,’ Toyota Motor Europe CEO Johan van Zyl, President said in a statement announcing the new services.