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Toyota launching KINTO car sharing in Israel

Israeli Toyota importer Union Motors is launching its KINTO car sharing mobility brand in Israel in the coming few months. KINTO, which is already operating in some European countries, includes four main options.

KINTO share: car sharing which allows the user to order a car on demand using an app.

KINTO JOIN: corporate carpooling, which connects employees of the same company sharing the same commute through an app, thus reducing company fleets.

KINTO ONE: all-inclusive leasing.

KINTO Flex: is a variation on traditional leasing, in which the car is delivered to the leasers door, when they require its use.

KINTO is also planning a fifth service called KINTO Ride, which is essentially a taxi hailing app like Gett or Uber. Union has not said when this service will be available.

At the same time, Union is also preparing to introduce its online services for existing customers using the MYTOYOTA smartphone global platform. Also during the year Toyota plans launching its new Yaris in Israel and reintroducing the Camry hybrid, which it stopped selling in Israel due to the green tax.

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