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Romanian entrepreneurs launch new car sharing service in Bucharest

A local team of entrepreneurs, funded by Neogen Capital, has launched a new car sharing service in Bucharest. CityLink has a fleet of 150 Toyota Yaris and Toyota Corolla hybrid cars, all with automatic gearbox.

The new car sharing service offers free parking in the municipality’s public parking lots and child seats with every car.

The price starts from RON 0.6 per minute plus RON 0.8 per km (depending on the type of car), with a daily maximum of RON 140, the company announced. In addition, through the "Park & Keep" option, CityLink also allows long-term bookings, up to several days in a row, depending on the user's needs.

The CityLink service is accessible through a dedicated mobile app for both Android and iOS smartphone users. Payment is made automatically, exclusively through the mobile application.

Citylink was co-founded by Igor Grosu. Romanian entrepreneurs Calin Fusu, the founder of Neogen, and Dan Boabeş, the founder of SimPlus, are also involved in the project, according to local Ziarul Financiar.

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