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enDrive launches the first of its kind referral marketplace for the car rental and travel industry

San Diego, CA – (Businesswire - February 7, 2022). In response to vehicle supply shortages and other ongoing challenges faced by car rental agencies, enDrive introduces a groundbreaking marketplace for the car rental industry to manage the demand for rental vehicles and customer service issues that go unresolved. These issues are occurring daily and are the cause of an overwhelming amount of failed rentals.

enDrive is a fully automated platform providing a cooperative and transparent process for the entire industry, allowing all car rental companies to exchange unfulfilled rentals amongst each other on an as-needed basis. Through enDrive the car rental industry is introduced to a new technology simplifying the referral process, improving the level of customer service while providing a healthy level of competition.

As stated by Bernardo Bustamante, the Founder & President of enDrive, “Our priority is to be there for our partners and focus on what truly matters, their customers! We resolve customer service issues, simplify the referral process, and provide rental operators access to unfulfilled reservations. This is an innovative way of connecting companies and growing their business.”

How enDrive works:


enDrive, launched in January 2022 and is based in San Diego, CA. enDrive’s cutting-edge technology will transform how businesses interact with each other, creating healthy competition and networks of smart companies.

For further information about enDrive, please visit us at or call us at 800.909.4540.


Bernardo Bustamante, Founder & President


Direct Phone: 619.678.7887


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