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Hyundai partners with Turo to get Canadians into rental EVs

You can try an EV on the car-sharing program and then get $500 if you buy one

If you’ve always wanted to try an electric vehicle (EV) but don’t have access to one, Hyundai Canada may be able to help. The automaker is partnering with car-sharing company Turo to offer long-term EV test drives.

The program, called EValuate, is currently available in select cities in Quebec and Ontario. It will expand to British Columbia and then to other Canadian markets in the coming weeks throughout 2022. Currently, the program includes the Ioniq 5, while the Kona Electric will be added later this year.

The EVs are lent by select Hyundai dealers through the Turo program, rather than by private owners. Drivers must be 25 or older and with a valid license in the province in which they’re renting the vehicle, and as with other Turo rentals, there is a fee for it. If renters go on to buy a Hyundai EV at a dealership, they will receive a $500 incentive toward the purchase price.

The program is intended to give consumers an opportunity to become familiar with an EV as a daily driver. “We believe EVs are the future of automotive, and wider adoption is a crucial part of helping to address greenhouse gas emissions, but there is a real need to address consumer queries and hesitations about electric vehicles,” said Don Romano, CEO of Hyundai Canada. “Through this partnership with Turo, we look forward to giving Canadians the opportunity to learn more about how our EVs can seamlessly fit into their lifestyles.”

According to a recent Turo survey, 86 percent of Canadians have never had the opportunity to drive an EV, but 66 percent would feel more comfortable switching to one if they could experience one for a few days to a week. Drivers can book a vehicle through Hyundai’s website or on the Turo app.


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