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Every 1.4 seconds, someone rents a Car2go

Impressive claims by Car2Go . . .

Some say the future belongs to car-sharing platforms. If Car2go’s new annual report is a sign of the things to come, they are definitely not wrong. The company that provides car-sharing services in European and North American cities, and is part of Daimler’s portfolio, says its customer base grew by 43-percent last year to a total of 2.2 million global members. This means every 1.4 seconds a customer has taken a trip in a Car2go vehicle. That’s hugely impressive.

The company’s current fleet consists of more than 14,000 vehicles, which were rented more than 22 million times last year – a 21-percent increase compared to 2015. Vancouver is the biggest North American market for Car2go with more than 120,000 local members, followed by Seattle with more than 85,000 members. Every three seconds, as Car2go’s press release claims, a Car2go member in North America takes a car-sharing trip, with more than 32 million trips taken since launch. Globally, Car2go's greatest 2016 customer growth was seen in Madrid (+96,000), Berlin (+47,000), Vancouver (+26,000), and Hamburg (+26,000).

“Car-sharing is a very dynamic growth market,” Olivier Reppert, global CEO of Car2go, commented. “Car2go will continue to grow our business in the coming year, too – with new fleets, new offers, and new products.”

“Millions of people all over the world are using our mobility services, and they all have one thing in common: they want up-to-date, flexible, and spontaneous mobility in their city – without owning a car," added Klaus Entenmann, CEO of Daimler Financial Services AG.

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China was also a major market for the company last year. Back in June 2016, after just two months of operations in the city of Chongqing, Car2go reported it is already serving 78,000 customers - almost as many as use Car2go in a North American or European city after five years in business.

Source: Car2go

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