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Porsche tackles car sharing… with a twist

Car sharing is all the rage these days, especially as younger generations flock back into cities and ditch car ownership for other means of transportation. Many automakers have even put themselves into the mix with various car-sharing programs from Audi, BMW, and Daimler.

But what about Porsche? Porsche has an idea, too, though it’s a little different from what you might imagine.

Porsche filmed its take on car- and ride-sharing in France, as unsuspecting users await a ride into Paris. Except, the driver is Romain Dumas, a Porsche factory driver and World Endurance Championship winner, and he’s brought a 2017 Panamera Turbo. Can you tell where this is going yet?

The unsuspecting passengers climb aboard and all seems well until the infotainment system announces a traffic jam ahead. Dumas reassures his passengers, stating he knows a shortcut. Spoiler alert: there is no shortcut.

Upon rolling into a race track, the passengers are quickly distributed helmets and Dumas explains Porsche’s car-sharing concept with hard acceleration, precise apexes, and even a little bit of sideways action for those onboard.

Some of the passengers didn’t seem to like Porsche’s style very much, but this is definitely our kind of car-sharing service. Imagine the possibilities. You could call upon a Panamera Sport Turismo for extra cargo capacity, or even a Panamera 4 E-Hybrid for the eco-conscious.

There really could be something for everyone with this pseudo car sharing service. Porsche, we like your style.

--Sean Szymkowski

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