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Zipcar: 2018 Impact Report

Zipcar, the world’s leading car-sharing network and a company that helped define the sharing economy, today released the findings of its 2018 Impact Report during the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.

The report – for the first time – comprehensively captures key findings gathered over Zipcar’s eighteen years of mobility leadership. The findings, combined with objective third-party research, offer tangible evidence that car sharing continues to provide both members, and the cities they live in, with significant and distinct social and environmental benefits, at a time when new mobility offerings are on the rise. These benefits range from fewer personal cars on the road, to less congestion, cleaner air, and more land for people, housing and open space.

“As Zipcar enters its 19thyear of operation as the world’s leading car-sharing network, we’re proud to share more about our sustainable business model and the cumulative impact of our work in more than 500 cities and towns,” said Tracey Zhen, Zipcar president. “At a time when new mobility solutions are arriving in cities, it has never been more important to remind our stakeholders of our track record, depth of experience, and direct results in reducing personal car ownership. We will continue to play an essential role in solving modern mobility challenges.”

2018 Zipcar Impact Report

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