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Tesla is integrating car sharing in its app, hinting at ‘Tesla Network’

Tesla is working on integrating vehicle sharing into its app, which could be a step further toward the long-awaited “Tesla Network” launch.

CEO Elon Musk said that one of the core goals of the design of the Model 3 (and Model Y later) was to build the electric car around self-driving and car-sharing/ride-sharing capability.

Things like the center display, the cabin-facing camera, and using your phone as a key were meant to facilitate launching those capabilities in the future.

For years now, Tesla has been talking about launching the “Tesla Network,” an Uber-like ride-hailing app that also enables you to share your car with friends and family.

The real value of the Tesla Network would come with Tesla releasing the promised version of its Full Self-Driving package, but there have been delays on that front.

The system has been in early beta for over a year now, and there’s no sign of Tesla trying to get it approved as an actual commercial full self-driving system any time soon.

But Musk said that Tesla could still release the Tesla Network without self-driving, and we are seeing some of the first signs of integration in the app.

Today, Tesla released a new version of its mobile app, and while it doesn’t include new release notes with updated features, some internet sleuths managed to find updates to the app’s code.

One of them found that Tesla added several bits about vehicle sharing: